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Thursday, November 1, 2012

David Brooks: 'Final Reckoning' for Obama

The always amusing NYT columnist doesn't quite endorse Romney in his Friday column but feel free to read between the lines.  It's spotted with so many howlers that I don't have the energy (in storm evacuee hotel room) to quote them all, not even the very "large" moment presented by Simpson-Bowles that he blew.   Yes, he accuses Obama of running "one of the most negative campaigns in history"!  Also he failed to "isolate" Republican in Congress! And he makes the revolting claim that Obama succumbed to "the allure of managing the business cycle so that the economy would boom by re-election time."

Remember when some thought that Brooks' honest-for-once depiction of Romney after the 47% video emerged was so severe (remember, "Romney doesn't understand America"? "Romney doesn't understand our social contract"? And worse?) he would turn against him for no good.  No such luck.   And here's new Krugman on new arguments that Romney, not Obama, will accomplish more as president--because he (unlike Obama) would not have to deal with a "blackmail caucus" on the other side.

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