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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dick Morris: "I Plead Guilty"

Bill O'Reilly just now interviewed Dick Morris, who famously predicted easy win for Romney,  on Fox.   "I plead guilty," Dick says. "I made a mistake.  I undercounted the minority turnout and women and young people.  I thought 2008 turnout was a fluke."  Claims 6-8% shift in demographics.  "America has changed.  American society has changed. And people like me missed it."   Tea Party gains in 2010 "threw me off."

Bill then says Dems will "get whacked" in two years if economy does not change, "no matter how many single women out there."    Dick is not so sure.  He says too many voters for Obama dictated by race or gender and that will continue.

Then Bill-o bluntly asks how much his notable flop has  "hurt your franchise"?  Morris claims he got a president elected--that is, Clinton--and how many others can say that? Of course, he had plenty of help in that, it was 20 years ago--and he's been wrong about nearly everything ever since. 

Bernie Goldberg, meanwhile, says media did not defeat Romney but "with an asterisk"--it played down Benghazi.  Also, media fell in love with Obama going back to when he first ran for president.  "The P.R. campaign the media crafted for Obama worked," and re-elected him now. Also tough to defeat a candidate who gives out "stuff."  Media created "Mother Theresa character."  O'Reilly:  "Very astute analysis."


Mike said...

O'Reilly: "Very astute analysis."

I believe Bill-O meant that it was an "Ass Toot Analysis".

Mike said...

O'Reilly: "Very astute analysis."

I believe Bill-O meant it was an "Ass Toot Analysis".