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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rove's Excuses for His Big Loss

We presume you don't subscribe so here's a link to get around their pay wall (at least it works for us) and a summary of his blame game today, even as he is mocked far and wide for 1) being so wrong in his predictions 2) squandering hundreds of millions of fat cat dough 3) making such a fool of himself oh Fox on Election Night even Megyn Kelly mocked him.

Anyway, in short, he blames:  Obama's negative campaign and raising a lot of dough (these are things Karl has never done), Sandy, that sneaky 47% video, bad luck, even this:  "Then there was the anonymous New York Times headline writer who affixed "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt" to Mr. Romney's November 2008 op-ed on reorganizing the auto companies, which the Obama campaign brought up again and again in the industrial Midwest."  And: "He ran a campaign utterly devoid of a governing vision because he offered little in the way of a prospective agenda. And because his campaign was unprecedented in its negativity and ugliness, it will be doubly hard for him to reach across the aisle."

Note:  The first e-book on Obama-Romney race has just been published--and it's mine!  "Tricks, Lies, and Videotape" covers the contest right up to Election Night, and includes over 500 clickable links to the most important articles, blog posts and videos.  Just $2.99.  Enjoy.   

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