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Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Latest Book: Saving Private Manning

Just out this week in both print and in e-editions: My new book, written with Kevin Gosztola, Truth and Consequences: The U.S. vs. Bradley Manning (Sinclair Books).   Gosztola, my former assistant at The Nation, helped me with my two previous books on this subject and now we've joined forces again.  In fact, most of the second half of the book is Gosztola's riveting reporting on the first two key court martial hearings for the alleged WikiLeaks leaker: last December and then earlier this month, in mid-March.  So this book follows Manning from childhood to the Army to his alleged leaking in Iraq, his arrest and often brutal incarceration, and now his court martial (he faces a possible death sentence).  And we raise many  new questions about the case along the way.